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Pray for our church family

Pam Luper (Craig Luper's wife) Missionaries in Kenya - 2-25-21

Around the beginning of this year, Pam fell and broke her clavicle and had a plate and pins put in. She has been in extreme pain so an MRI was done to see the source of the pain and it was discovered that the pins had "slipped out" of position. A second surgery has been done where they took bone from her shin and grafted it to her shoulder and a new plate and pins have been put in. She is wearing a sling that keeps her arm immobile and she is not allowed to move her shoulder at all for 6 weeks. She returned home from the hospital yesterday after a 4-day stay. Please keep both of them in your prayers.

Jim Stanton - 2-25-21

Fran Pratt, a family friend, went to the doctor and they found a mass in her breast. She is waiting for results. Please lift up Fran in prayer.