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Our Principles 

At He's Alive we have seven principles that are at the core of everything we do.


God’s Word is the foundation for our collective and daily lives. We will seek to teach and live it with accuracy, passion, and creativity.


Prayer is absolutely essential to our individual and corporate life and mission.


Collective and individual worship is the heartbeat that drives our mission and principles. We will seek to live it out joyfully, passionately, expectantly, and with creativity and excellence.


We are actively and consistently seeking to go beyond our doors in bringing life to dead places through missions, evangelism, and outreach.

Shared Experience


We are in relationship with one another, we help and take care of each other, fellowship and have lots of fun together. Most importantly, we are in ministry together collectively, realizing that in order to fulfill our mission, we must be a Body of participants and not simply spectators.

Creative Arts


We believe God created the Arts. As a result, creativity and excellence in the Arts (music, drama, media, dance, etc) will be a focal point for how we worship, bring life to, and reach those in our community, region, and world.


We are a thankful Church, always giving testimony to the faithfulness of our God and making sure we pause and create space to give Him thanks and praise. In response to God’s faithfulness, we will be faithful physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

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