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Resources to help you navigate the challenges of parenting.


At He’s Alive Church, we recognize that the family is an integral part of God’s plan to bring life to dead places.


As parents, no one will have as much influence on your teen becoming a life-long follower of Jesus than you. Discipling your children in the faith is one of the biggest responsibilities you have ever been given!


As a student ministry, we recognize that we could never supplant the role you have in your child’s faith development. We are here to supplement the discipleship you are already giving them and to encourage you and help you along the way.


We have provided a collection of resources we believe will help you as you guide and parent your teen in the faith.


From Saddleback Church

Watch these studies individually, with your spouse, or as a small group. Each session can stand-alone or be watched as a series of parenting studies. The goal of each session is to help you stay on track or get back on track with God’s plans and purposes for you as a parent.

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A collection of resources on various topics.

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