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On-Track Parenting Resources

Watch the videos and review these reflection guides from Saddleback Church

The Purpose of Parenting


There is no doubt a reason why God chose YOU to parent each of your children. God has a greater plan and purpose in parenting, overall. He desires for you to raise interdependent, lifelong followers of Jesus who desire to make a kingdom contribution. Let’s talk about how to make this purpose the ultimate win in your parenting.

The Privilege of Parenting


It may not always feel like it, but it is a privilege and an honor to be a parent. Be challenged to remember this Biblically-based perspective on raising children, especially when you might be losing your joy, perspective, or patience with the gifts that God has given you.

Connect With Your Child


There are lots of stumbling blocks in parenting, that is for sure. There are things constantly vying for your time and attention, often leaving you feeling disconnected from your children. It is time to set aside the distractions and fight to connect with your children.

Overcoming Discontentment


In this second look at the Potholes of Parenting, it’s time to take a deep and hard look at yourself as a parent. What makes you feel discontent or dissatisfied with your child? Explore the roots and unpack how to find contentment with who God made you and your child to be.

Prayerful Parenting


It is clear that we should be praying regularly for our children. But oftentimes that is easier said than done. Prayerful parenting is an intentional effort.  And then the power of those prayers reverberates in and through your children.  Take away some simple yet impactful reminders as you become a more prayerful parent. Never stop praying!

Pause in Parenting


Parenting is a full-time gig. Even though it can fill your 24/7, every mom and dad needs to take an intentional pause in the midst of parenting. Be challenged in five key areas in which a PAUSE in parenting will bring life and a fresh sense of energy into your parenting journey.

The Push and Pull of Parenting


Countless things are vying for your attention, time and energy. There are constant forces pushing and pulling on you as a parent. Identify what is pushing or pulling you in different directions, possibly leaving you frustrated, unfocused or fearful. Learn to shift what is pushing and pulling you so that you can experience greater peace and purpose in your parenting.

The Phases of Parenting


Your child is currently in a particular phase of development. This video is an overview of the 5 stages and phases of children and how it then impacts your goals and roles as a parent. Dive in to understand what these phases look like and how God can use you intentionally in these phases.

Phases of Parenting 1



The journey of parenting begins in this earliest phase. This first phase is filled with celebration, confusion, frustration, and more. Learn how you can best leverage your role as a parent to achieve mighty goals while your child is little.

Phases of Parenting 2

Grades 1-5


In this next phase of parenting, a new variety of things arise as your child enters into elementary school. Just as your child enters into a new time of education, your role as a parent shifts and evolves too. Stay up-to-date with this next phase.

Phases of Parenting 3

Grades 6-8


This next phase of parenting takes another turn in the road of parenting as your child enters junior high school. Everyone remembers the awkwardness and the development as a junior higher. Now figure out the role you play as a parent of a junior higher.

Phases of Parenting 4

Grades 9-12


In this phase of parenting, your child enters into the critical stages of learning and living in high school. Inevitably, the roles and goals continue to transform. Keep up the great work as you stay in tune and touch with your child at this phase.

Phases of Parenting 5

College and Beyond


You have made it into the final phase of parenting! A variety of educational and career opportunities lay in front of your child. Similarly, a variety of approaches can be taken as you shift into the empty-nest phase. Close out “The Phases of Parenting” studies with what parenting your college and beyond child may hold.

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