A Call to Prayer and Fasting

During this time of crisis in our world, as a Church Family, we declare every Wednesday a Day of Prayer & Fasting. This will happen for the duration of the COVID-19 Crisis. If the Lord directs us to go longer with it and keep it going, we will do so! Of course, we will be praying each and every day, but each Wednesday, we will combine this with a fast of some kind.

A fast is basically giving up anything of necessity or value to you temporarily in order to focus more on God. We will leave it up to you, how the fast looks for you individually. You can fast from:

  • Food all day

  • Just one meal during the day

  • Certain types of foods

  • Media or TV

  • Or anything else that you would consider a sacrifice


To be clear, Scripture does not require us to fast as believers, but it does encourage us to do so, as it has great benefit for our spiritual discipline and maturity. In the Bible, early Christians fasted many times when approaching difficult tasks or difficult decisions (Acts 13:2 & 14:23). Fasting is a way to declare our dependence upon God and give us renewed and deeper reliance upon Him. It also teaches the great spiritual discipline of self-sacrifice, which could go a long way right now, particularly if you’re looking at any grocery store shelves!
We will conclude each Wednesday with a time of prayer and worship together at 8:00pm live stream through Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and our website. This "Wednesday Night Prime Time" service will be a time of prayer and worship together virtually.
We look forward to what the Lord will do in our lives individually and collectively through this effort!


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